A perfect 10 join our two schools

Ten new PhD students started their studies in FBL on 1 October 2020 with their induction to The Open University Graduate School and the Faculty delivered online.

Seven of these new students joined the Business School:

George Briley – ‘Community and Urban Resistance Leadership’. Supervisors are Dr Jamie Woodcock and Dr Owain Smolovic Jones. This project is enabled by the ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) Grand Union Doctoral Training Partnership on the ‘leadership and governance’ pathway.

Richard Crompton – ‘An exploration into the implications of changing models of governance within health and social care insofar as they relate to public trust’. Supervisors are Dr Jacqueline Baxter and Dr Matthew Hinton.

Kora Korzec – ‘Social marketing in combating climate change’. Supervisors are Prof Gordon Liu and Dr Carmen Mal.

Nargis McCarthy – ‘The impact of social norms, values and beliefs of pension trustees in relation to SRI decision-making’. Supervisors are Dr Anwar Halari and Dr Matthew Haigh.

Tim Pitts – ‘The older worker’. Supervisors are Dr Leah Tomkins and Dr Richard Godfrey.

Cameron Vanloo – ‘The sustainable growth of esports clubs and leagues’. Supervisors are Dr Yue Meng-Lewis and Prof Gordon Liu.

Christopher Houghton – ‘Defining a capitals approach to evaluating the socio-economic benefits of space exploration’. Supervisors are Prof Les Budd, together with OU colleagues Dr Victoria Pearson and Dr Manish Patel (both STEM). Christopher is a student on the Astrobiology Research Group project ‘Are we alone in the Universe?’ as part of the OU’s £6.7 million grant from Research England which aims to help address fundamental questions about life beyond the Earth.

Three new students have joined the Law School:

Nishant Beniwal – ‘Enforcing climate change domestically in South Asia, relying internationally’. Supervisors are Dr Robert Palmer, Dr Marjan Ajevski and Prof Dev Kodwani.

Iyan Kolawole – ‘A Critical Analysis of Italy’s Responsibility under International Human Rights Law: A case study of pull-back measures and the arbitrary detention of refugees in Libya’. Supervisors are Dr Neil Graffin and Dr Andrew Gilbert and OU colleague Dr Avi Boukli (FASS).

Cheryl Warden – ‘Digital rights management and regime-shifting: the implication of backdoor propertization of creative works in digital copyright law for digital distance learning’. Supervisors are Dr Kim Barker and Dr Olga Jurasz.

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