Video highlights from our masterclass on Strategy Matters in Turbulent Times: Think Big Data. Think Business Models.

Understanding how Digital Technologies can impact on Business Strategy (Part 1)*

Jerry Teahan, Head of Strategic Business Development (Network, Cloud Services), BT Group

*Part 2 of this video is available via our online webinar.

Data big and small: what works? what next?

Patrick Callinan, Global Head of Data and Analytics, A.V.

Further video highlights are available from:

  • Jerry Teahan, Head of Strategic Business Development (Network, Cloud Services) at BT Group, focusing on digital value chains
  • Professor Thomas Lawton, Professor of Strategy and International Management at OUBS, looking at leveraging your business model for innovation and growth
  • Antoine Boatwright, Chief Technology Officer at Hillgate Travel, gives his perspective on digital strategy

You can watch more videos on our online webinar, which took place on 13 October. Note, you will be required to register, if you haven’t already done so.

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