Strategic Marketing summary report

Strategic marketing summary report imageHere we introduce you to our fifth Business Perspectives summary report in the series, which concludes the strategic marketing quarter.

At our Strategic Marketing Masterclass: Digital Disruption event, we explored the themes of:

  • Changing business models
  • Disruption or co-option?
  • The art of social media
  • The role of marketing in the arts

Throughout the event our growing OUBS community of students, alumni and guests were able to hear from, and interact with, professors and guest speakers who explored the digitally enabled strategic marketing environment from many different perspectives.

As well as bringing you the highlights from this masterclass, this report takes a look at the wider world and the latest trends, creative thinking and examples of best practice across many different areas of Strategic Marketing.

We invite you to download and share the report and send us any comments. If you would like to contribute your perspective towards future themes, please contact our Business Perspectives Editor at

Click here to download the report.

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