Strategic Marketing: Digital Disruption Webinar 11 December 2013

Did you miss the webinar held on 11 December? If so, you have the opportunity to listen again to the panellist’s discussion and watch video highlights from the Strategic Marketing: Digital Disruption workshop held on the 27 November 2013 in London.

The virtual event was facilitated by Peter Wainwright, Director, Askyra Limited and OU Associate Lecturer; panellists included Professor Robin Wensley, Professor of Strategic Marketing, OUBS, Dr Terry O’Sullivan, Senior Lecturer in Management and Head of the Department for Strategy and Marketing, OUBS and Richard Byford, Director of ForeVu Ltd and OUBS alumnus.

To view the webinar, click here

You can also see what delegates had to say about the event on Twitter, and get the latest updates on events, offers and thought leadership pieces by following us @OUBSchool #OU_BP

One thought on “Strategic Marketing: Digital Disruption Webinar 11 December 2013

  1. I really enjoyed being part of the live event and the webinar for Digital Disruption, and thanks to all participants who provided such lively feedback at each.

    The edited version of my presentation on co-creation available in the webinar (7.18 – 14.17) does a great job of picking out the main points I was making about this controversial idea. What it doesn’t do is guide you to the book which started the whole thing off in 2004, Prahalad and Ramaswamy’s ‘The Future of Competition: Co-creating Unique Value with Customers’, published by Harvard U.P. Definitely worth a look if you are interested in finding out more, and the source of continuing controversy amongst marketing academics.

    Although I think it’s a very challenging way of understanding marketing, I have found it useful in my own research on marketing in the arts. It seems to resonate with the way that an audience ‘co-creates’ experience with performers, for example (see, for example, O’Sullivan, Terry (2009). All together now: A symphony orchestra audience as a consuming community. Consumption, Markets and Culture, 12(3) pp. 209–223. available on my Open Research Online page at

    How well does it help you understand how to create value with your customers?

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