Leadership webinar – 14 May 2013

What is political astuteness? How do public leaders stand the test of tough times? Why is optimism important in inspiring hope? These questions were answered in the Leadership webinar held on 14 May 2013, in which you can see four videos capturing the highlights from the Leadership Masterclass on ‘Leadership in Tough Times: Confronting Complexity and Inspiring Hope’.

2 thoughts on “Leadership webinar – 14 May 2013

  1. Thank you. Really valuable case studies where you can see the leadership skills in action. This has given me lots to think about. Optimism is an area I had overlooked and I can see that even in successful teams the general optimism and positivity or lack of it amongst teams can be felt. Optimism and negativity feed into the culture and can promote or derail achievement of goals very quickly.

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