Strategy webinar: a snapshot introducing the 3 ‘I’s

On 26 February, our Strategy Masterclass follow up webinar welcomed a diverse range of delegates from the four corners of the globe, ranging from an oil rig off the coast of Angola to a breakfast table in Melbourne. With over 170 active participants, we heard views from both the public and private sectors.

We shared four videos from the event followed by polls and Q&As. In the first video, Professor Thomas Lawton from the OUBS shared his perspective on how to position business for growth: the three ‘I’s.

The follow up poll revealed that out of the three ‘I’s (innovate, internationalise and integrate), the majority of the participants chose ‘Innovating our valued proposition’ as having the most appeal for their organisation’s own strategy right now.

The complete recorded webinar will be published early next week. Come back then to delve into a wealth of strategy ideas and modules, and enjoy the food for thought.

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