Australian Business Solutions

Australian Business Solutions

By Robin Power.

By looking at successful individuals and business, we have identified that using leverage accelerates the level of success, speed and time to achieve your business goals. Simply put, leverage boils down to getting more results with less effort. In the words of Archimedes, “Give me a lever long enough and I will move the world”.

Establishing partnerships or alliances is also an innovative and cost-effective way to develop new business by leveraging off other organizations’ innovation, credibility and customer base.

A business partnership can be described as “a commitment between two or more parties in a collaborative relationship who strive to achieve shared objectives through a spirit of trust and openness” (Affinity Maker™ 2008). A current example is the partnership between Woolworths, HSBC and MasterCard to bring to life the Woolworths credit card.

For some, alliances and partnerships might seem like a big business concept. However, it…

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