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Today is our first missive on looking at the top issues facing business and individuals and developing solutions to improve our position.

I am going to aim to provide you with techniques and methodologies, which you can use to defy the doom and gloom merchants and deliver success from both a business and personal aspect.

Let us begin with economic uncertainty, or if you want, just uncertainty.

In the news recently we’ve heard about two big named businesses calling in the Receivers – HMV and Blockbuster Videos.

Why would these large and previously successful companies go to the wall?  Only time will tell the full story, but we can speculate from what we know through observation.

  • They both failed to truly diversify.
  • They did not innovate to compete.  Whilst you could shop online, they did not take into account the download generation, which provides for instant gratification, although Blockbuster did…

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