Business Perspectives event: Strategy Masterclass

Competitive strategies for business growth: process, practice and performance

Thursday, 7 February 2013. Marriott Victoria and Albert Hotel, Manchester

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Drawing on the success of the first Innovation Masterclass last quarter, we are pleased to announce the second of our Business Perspectives events. In this, we will consider how, in an environment of austerity and reduced consumer confidence, managers and leaders can configure and implement a competitive strategy to deliver sustainable growth, enhanced performance and increased profit.

The masterclass will focus on the process and practice of strategy-making and will hear from strategy creators who run their own companies, as well as external consultants and managers who sit at senior and middle-management levels. We will explore what works for each and where the challenges exist, which strategies add most value, which make most sense and, most importantly, which are implementable.

Professor of Strategy and International Management, Thomas Lawton, will lead the masterclass and he will be joined throughout the day by key business leaders and Business School academics. The complementary but separate evening event will be hosted by the Dean of the Business School, Professor Rebecca Taylor, and we will hear Evan Davis, BBC editor, presenter and OUBS Visiting Professor, speak to “Do British companies need a more dynamic, strategic approach to prevent them lagging behind in the global economy?” alongside our keynote speaker.

We really hope that you will be able to join us at this exciting event. Further details can be found on our website together with full details of costs and Alumni Early Bird discounts.

We would also like to hear your perspective on strategy and how it is implemented within your own organisation prior to the event.

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